Meet the Team

While working together on other apps, our team spent a lot of time with each other. Maybe even too much time. We’ve seen the best of each other and definitely the worst. And when the worst hit, there was no appropriate place to vent – and that’s where the idea sparked! We decided to create Frack; a cursing platform for the few moments when we lose it, and even for the moments of excitement.

Turns out, people from all over the world like to b*tch digitally, so we added an entire range of curse words in many languages. We are continuously adding the best (or worst) phrases from all over the world. So join in on the fun -The Frack team especially enjoys sending curse words under the table during late night meetings!

Feel free to Frack any one of us, or the whole team @ TeamFrack!

Alak (smartalak)

“The buck stops here. I only Frack people I like.”

Anji Desai (anjisfgirl)

“Investigative Curser. I Frack whenever I think my kids aren’t around!”

Tanaya Deb

“Cursing Specialist.”

Sarah Hail

“Cursing Researcher, PhD. I Frack my roommate’s when they don’t clean their dishes!”